YUNGMAN (Youngman, Jungman), MOSHE

YUNGMAN (Youngman, Jungman), MOSHE
YUNGMAN (Youngman, Jungman), MOSHE (1922–1982), Yiddish poet. Born in Khodorov, Galicia (Ukraine), Yungman worked in Soviet peat camps during World War II. Thereafter he led Zionist youth groups in Italy and immigrated with them to Palestine in 1947. Yungman's first poems appeared in post-liberation Yiddish refugee periodicals in Rome and Munich. Later he often contributed to literary journals in Israel, Paris, New York, and Buenos Aires and was among the founding editors of Yung-Yisroel (Haifa, 1954–7). His first book of poems, In Hinerplet ("In a Daze," 1947), includes the allegorical pageant "Rosh Ha-Shanah," which was performed in refugee camps. His poetry, celebrating both a world lost and a new world being built, was collected in several volumes, among them: In Shotn fun Moyled ("In the Shadow of the New Moon," 1954), Vayse Toyern ("White Gates," 1964), Mayn Tatns Parnoses ("My Father's Jobs," 1981). He translated some of his poems and several works of contemporary Yiddish writers into Hebrew, and a volume of poems of A. Shlonsky\>\> , Lider (1971), from Hebrew into Yiddish. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: LNYL, 4 (1961), 264–5; J. Glatstein, In Tokh Genumen (1956), 378–86. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: H. Osherovitsh, in: Di Goldene Keyt, 110/111 (1983), 228–34. (Leonard Prager)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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